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She's a maniac, maniac on the floor
and she's dancing like she's never danced before
I think you know the drill. ♥

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Like the subject line says, "Sort of". Sorry I've been dead for a while - I didn't mean to scare! Getting back to junior year has been really hard, much more so than I anticipated. So, like last year, I'm going on a most-of-the-time hiatus, since I'll be busy with school. Unlike last year, I'm not really going to, like, die. I'll be back. I promise. ♥

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I'm going to leave this public, because I'll probably cross-post it.

Comparing: Characters from ToS and ToA
Spoilers: Um, obviously. xD I've completed ToS and a fair amount of ToA, so there will be spoilers in terms of events and character development. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

So I don't kill your f-lists...Collapse )

There are more characters than this to compare, I know, and I will, but look at how long this entry is already. It took me, like, an hour. xDD I'll put up a second part the next time I'm this bored.

I hope you enjoyed reading it, and any comments or suggestions are welcomed! If nothing else, I hope my retarded side-comments amused you. :)

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I guess I'll leave this public. :)

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This isn't a hiatus. I'm just saying that, due to schoolwork and the like, I'm not going to be around here as often. I'll try to pick back up on weekends/vacations/etc, but please be understanding. Thank you. ♥

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